“Sing in me, oh Muse, and through me tell the story.”
– Homer

Keith Sellon-Wright is a seasoned professional with a career in Hollywood spanning over 30 years.  He has had the good fortune to work with some of Hollywood’s seminal directors including Christopher Guest and Spike Lee.  His TV career includes some of the most important shows in TV history. film/tv resume   video clips

The majority of Keith’s audiobook work is non-fiction, (“I love what I get to learn, and truly enjoy finding and expressing the passion of the author for their subjects.”) As a lifelong storyteller he also enjoys narrating fiction works of various genres.
He records from a state of the art studio in his Denver area home.  The quickest way to Keith’s heart — introduce him to a great new wine!
Keith is a proud member of 



 from “villa incognito” by tom robbins  3rd person fiction, m/f (from “villa incognito” by tom robbins)

 crime  3rd person crime fiction, m (from “finders keepers” by stephen king)

 fiction   1st person fiction, m/f (from “smothered and covered in needle” by tom barlow)

 from “diary of a small fish” by pete morin  1st person fiction, m/f (from “diary of a small fish” by pete morin)

 from “from “what was i thinking” by patrick fraley  3rd person fiction (from “what was i thinking” by patrick fraley)

 from “clandestine rendezvous” by joel goulet  action (from “clandestine rendezvous” by joel goulet)

 from “aisle 34” by patrick fraley  humor dialog mm (from “aisle 34” by patrick fraley)


 all measures short of war by j. thomas wright  politics
(from “all measures short of war” by j. thomas wright)

 atomic adventures by james mahaffey  science & technology
(from “atomic adventures” by james mahaffey)

 genz@work by david & jonah stillman  business
(from “genz@work” by david & jonah stillman)

 the enlightened marriage by jed diamond  self-help
(from “the enlightened marriage” by jed diamond, phd)

 the measure of my days by florida scott maxwell   motivational
(from “the measure of my days” by florida scott maxwell)

 atheism explained by david ramsay steele  spirituality
(from “atheism explained” by david ramsay steele)

the book of deadly animals by gordon grice  adventure & exploration
(from “the book of deadly animals” by gordon grice)