“Sing in me, oh Muse, and through me tell the story.”
– Homer

Keith Sellon-Wright is a seasoned professional with a career in Hollywood spanning over 30 years.  He has had the good fortune to work with some of Hollywood’s seminal directors including Christopher Guest and Spike Lee.  His TV career includes some of the most important shows in TV history. film/tv resume   video clips

As a lifelong storyteller he  enjoys narrating fiction works of varying genres, as well as non-fiction(“I love what I get to learn, and truly enjoy finding and expressing the passion of the author for their subjects.”) 

He records from a state of the art studio in his Denver area home.  The quickest way to Keith’s heart — his palate! (introduce him to a great restaurant or wine!)
Keith is a proud member of 


 thriller  thriller, 1st person, m/f 

 literary fiction  literary fiction, 3rd person, japanese accent

 western  western, 3rd person



 period detective mystery  period detective mystery, 1st person, m/f

 historical fiction  historical fiction, 3rd person, m/f, midwestern & virginia accents

 biography  biography, 1st person